Thursday, August 16, 2007

feeding Gmail

You can always Check you Gmail using your favorite feed reader/RSS Reader. Google Atom Feed allows you to do so. You can add Gmail to your RSS feed reader that supports feed authentication.

This allows you to read your unread mail — the subjects and senders as well as a part of the message body .Once You click on the heading you are directed to your message

To do so

  • Go to your feed reader.
  • Set up a new feed
  • Enter "" in the URL field.
  • Enter your Gmail user name when prompted for a user name. Use your Gmail password as the feed's password, too.

If that does not work as in case of feedburner, try using "https://[your Gmail user name]:[your Gmail password]"

If you want mails pertain to a particular label then add the name of the label at the end of the URL.

In case of feedburner and some other feedreaders only header/subject is visible .


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