Thursday, August 16, 2007

Import/Export Your Gmail Contacts

You can import/export your Gmail Contact from/to other mail or outlook or your windows address book.

To export your Gmail address book:

  • Select Contacts .
  • Now click Export at the top.
  • Select "Outlook CSV (for import into Outlook clients)" since you can export it to any mail.
  • Click Export Contacts.
  • Download the "gmail-to-outlook.csv" file to your Desktop.

Now you need to import it into your mail.

  • go to your mail
  • Visit either address book/contact(incase of Gmail)
  • Select import contact (next to export link in case of gmail)
  • Now upload "gmail-to-outlook.csv" or any other ".csv" file file.

If you export it in Gmail format the file is named "gmail.csv"

The Gmail format is in Unicode to preserve international characters, but some email programs like outlook do not support that. Outlook CSV converts names to your default character encoding.

You can import from most mail/address book both online and offline

Importing from Mozilla and Netscape requires something extra. They do not add the column headings you need to add it manually as Gmail needs them.

Open the exported CSV file in a spread sheets program and add them. In this Add the following correspondly as the top line "First Name,Last Name,Name,,Email Address,........".
Replace ..... by other details that is present .


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