Friday, July 20, 2007

No unwanted mails in inbox

You can prevent this. Just apply a label and a filter. Now those mails get automatically archived and your inbox doesn’t get filled up.

Now visit settings

  • Visit the filter tab
  • fill the form based on your needs
  • click "next"
  • Select "Skip inbox"
  • Select the label or create one.

Now all your mails get sorted into this label.

Where/when can you use it

If you use blogging service that allow you to save posts that you put up. Even the comments can be saved. These are saved in your mail. If you are a active blogger then your inbox is flodded with such mails .

If you subscribe to newsletter or groups the also this can be applies

To sort your Google alerts Alert from normal mail.

Just by visiting the selected label you get all your posts from for it.


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