Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is google phone real???

There are rumours that Google is working on a phone let's look as some evidences to find out if they are true or not

A pervasive rumor suggests that Google operates a secret lab staffed with 100 engineers and led by former Apple executive, Andy Rubin, the designer of the Sidekick mobile gadget who now works for Google.
The U.K.'s Guardian reported late last year that Google held talks with Orange, the giant European carrier owned by France Telecom, on a "multibillion-dollar" deal involving a co-branded cell phone made by Taiwan's HTC.

Recently, someone claimed in an online post to have taken part in a market research survey in which he was asked questions about a possible Google phone made by Samsung. The poster says the phone bill for this device would be subsidized by advertising.

Google's top executive in Spain, Isabel Aguilera, told that "some of our engineers' time is dedicated to the development of a mobile phone," according to a translation on the Ars Technica Web site.

Nomura analyst Richard Windsor reportedly told clients last week that Google confirmed at CeBIT that it's working on a phone designed to "bringing Google to users who don't have a PC."

All that sounds pretty convincing. But other facts suggest that Google is not working on a handset:

Google spokeswoman Erin Fors said last week that Google remains "focused on creating applications and establishing and growing partnerships with industry leaders to develop innovative services for users worldwide. However, we have nothing further to announce."
Richard Kimber, an executive in Google's South-East Asia group, told The Australian Financial Review that, "At this point in time, we are very focused on the software, not the phone."

Vint Cerf, Internet legend and Google's chief Internet evangelist, said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that "becoming an equipment manufacturer is pretty far from our business model."

I think one reason why people believe Google phone rumors is that comparable Apple iPhone rumors circulated for years, and most turned out to be true.


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