Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Google phone

There are rumours that like Apple iPhone we could well have a Google phone. Yes you have heard it right A phone from Google stable. Although this is just a rumour there is no confirmation at all.

Google appears to be lining up partnerships between carriers and handset makers to build and sell free or very cheap Google-branded phones supported by advertising. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been quoted previously as saying that cell phones and cell phone calls could both be free if the industry developed the right advertising model.

These cheap phones would most likely be manufactured by a third party based on design direction from the carrier and Google, and would serve the low end of the market where people may not have PCs for using Google.

This model is more about expanding the reach of Google's search and other features into new markets, not developing some amazing, high-end phone that will compete with the iPhone, Treo and BlackBerry.


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