Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Google expands print ads

Google today announced the expansion of its Google Print Ads™ .Intially it started with 50 paprers across Us .It has now exapnded to 225 papers

Google Print Ads is an extension of AdWords but for print media. Advertisers and agencies access Google Print Ads through the AdWords interface . Once they have identified target newspapers, they enter a bid for the available ad space and upload a creative. Newspaper publishers then view the bids, and either approve or reject them, with an option to provide direct feedback to the advertisers. Google Print Ads gives flexibility and control to both the publisher and the advertiser.

The program started in November 2006 with a test that included 50 newspapers and a small group of advertisers. Since then the program has grown to more than 225 newspapers representing 32 of the top 35 DMAs and a combined circulation of almost 30 million. Participating newspaper publishers include E.W. Scripps, Freedom Communications, Hearst Newspapers, GateHouse Media, Gannett, MediaNews Group, The New York Times, The Seattle Times Company, Tribune Publishing, and Washington Post among others. In addition, Google Print Ads is now available to hundreds of thousands of United States-based advertisers who currently have a Google AdWords™ account.


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