Monday, July 23, 2007

Gmail THIS

What is GmailThis! ?

GmailThis! is an easy way to make a Gmail email without visiting BY Once you add the GmailThis! link to your browser's toolbar, emailing will be a snap. Or rather, a click. Clicking GmailThis! creates a mini-interface to Gmail prepopulated with a link to the web page you are visiting, as well as any text you have highlighted on that page. Add additional text if you wish and then email or save as draft from within GmailThis!

GmailThis! -- drag this link to your browser's Links bar

This is what GmailThis! looks like:GmailThis!

Known issues:

  • If you aren't already logged into Gmail, the log-in screen is displayed. You must log in and then re-launch GmailThis!.
  • May not work properly in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • In Opera, you must right-click and save as bookmark; drag 'n' drop won't work. Only Western encoding is supported.
  • GmailThis! has a 1000 character limit for selected text. (Thanks, Roy.)

GmailThis! is not endorsed by or in any way affiliated with Google. From


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