Wednesday, July 18, 2007 spamming Orkut

Bharat Student is spamming on Orkut. It is a social networking site like orkut.This is for students in india. They spam communities. They put up posts that caries links which claim to give adult content but will lead you to Bharat registration page.They do give such content but i never tried it out as i hate registration. Several user have reported it.

All the posts are put up by female(name).Here some question arises Who are these Females?? Are they real or fake profiles?? If they are real are the folks being paid by the company for doing it ??

If BharatStudent.Com is paying someone to spam on Orkut. Why ? May be they want user to get registered in their site but this is of no use as the chances them use it regularaly is bleak. May may not get registerd only.

All the links are shortened links like“″. So you never know where it leads to unless you click on it. Most of them ask to cut and paste in a new browser window. By doing so, they don’t get noticed from Orkut or google.

Orkut cannot do anything as shuch shortened url can be used by anybody.If the links said then those could be blocked.


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