Saturday, June 16, 2007

Multiple Gtalk

What if you you have 2 gtalk/google account & want to use them at same time then there is allready a built in tool. Most of us dont know about it but it exists.

To use this tool

  • At your destop Right-click

  • NOW Select "New">>>"Shortcut"

  • Here you will be asked to enter the URL or you can even browse through & select the file

  • Now Type

"c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex

as it is

  • Now repeat the procedure once gain

You will now get 2 gtalk & can chat with each one without any problem

This allows you to open more than one instance of Google Talk. Thus you can use multiple google accounts at the same time to chat with your buddies.


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