Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gtalk secreat parameters

There are a few secret parameters you can add to Google Talk and make it function differently. Following is the list of parameters

  • /nomutex: This allows you to open more than one instance of Google Talk
  • /autostart: Starts on it's own.
  • /forcestart: It forces it to start no matter what option was set.
  • /factoryreset: set settings back to default.
  • /S upgrade: Used when upgrading Google Talk
  • /register: This registers Google Talk in the registry, includig GMail Compose method.
  • /checkupdate: This keeps on checking for newer versions
  • /plaintextauth: It makes use of plain authentication mechanism instead then Google's GAIA mechanism.
  • /nogaiaauth: This disables GAIA authentication method. The same as above.
  • /gaiaserver uses a different GAIA server to connect to Google Talk. Used for debug purposes only, there are no other known GAIA servers.
  • /mailto send an email with Gmail
  • /diag: start Google Talk in diagnostic mode

Most of them can be ued in the following way

  • Rifgt- click on the desktop.
  • Select "New " >>>"Shortcut"
  • Now browse through "My COMPUTER">>>"C:/">>>>"Program Files">>>>"Google">>"Google Talk">>>"Gtalk.exe"
  • Now add the extention that you want.

eg:- "......../gtalk.exe"/log.


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