Sunday, June 17, 2007

Orkut Hacked

There are rumours that Google's Orkut Security Been Hacked. Darnell of doubted if the Orkut security was hacked .Many people experienced deletion of many of their community mostly hate communities in a very short span of time. Even Orkut's First community " Stanford University" was deleted but after a brief span, the Stanford community was restored. Some people ven scrapped telling that their profiles got deleted suddenly.

Jerry of claims that it could be possible that some people have acquired access to details using social engineering techniques like cookie stealing and phishing. So Orkut should encourage these employees to reset their login details and should also reset their cookies. There is high probability that some people are still holding access to such accounts.

Recently one gyu scrapped me syaing that profile got deleted for no reason. I first though it may be same as the huy zing story. This could also be due to that hack.

So is orkut hacked Even if it is Google wont reveal it.Recently Google's privacy policy & methods egiven the lowest score.If this news is anything to go by then Google has some verrrrrry verrrrry important issues to tackle.


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