Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shocking news- Orkut Media is no more

Before you read further i want all of you maintain a moment of silence coz Orkut Media is no more.

I know Half of you would ask "What is Orkut Media?" & remaining half would ask" Why did Orkut Remove it".

It was a place where you were the journalist reporting happenings of things around. They are then sorted out by orkut & some pics & story are displayed. Although i found the menu/ navigation bar was shorter than usual but didn't think this was the reason. It even had a section called "expression" where Buyukkokten himself selected the photos.

The Answered first Half of the readers .Now Answering the second half " Why???" the reason is First half. Not many visited it Simply waste of time & memory .This may be the reason Why orkut deleted it.

And to Follow the trend I tool have removed the label Orkut media recently. Ok the truth is it had only 2 post so this was an good time to do it.They have been sifted suitably to other label like "Orkut info".


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