Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paul & Google

How did or why did Paul join Google???? Just read along...

Since his young days he always liked the idea of starting an important new company or building something really cool that everyone will use. In college he was interested in founding or joining a software start up, but had no idea how to do that. He wanted to work at silicon valley. Luckily, his friend Chad having taken a job with Intel in Santa Clara, reported that Santa Clara was in fact a part of "Silicon Valley", so he too joined Intel in 1998.

His idea of Silicon Valley was that the streets would be "paved with start ups", and that he would probably run into them all over the place. But the picture was not that rosy. After almost a year spent in the cubicles of Intel, he was ready for something new. He still didn't know much about start ups. Fortunately, at Intel he had a lot of spare time .He had plenty of time to read Slashdot, and so rather than do some kind of intelligent research.

He simply sent his resume to the handful of local start ups that seemed technically interesting.
He never heard back from most of those start ups, expect Google. At the time, they were just a small team of people in a little office on University Ave in Palo Alto. Their product seemed very interesting . He never thought Google could ever fight against the mighty Alta vista.


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