Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Orkut bane or boon

According to mari news the Orkut’s success has made it a popular vehicle for child pornographers, pedophiles, racists and anti-Semitic groups. In Brazil it was found that around 5,000 people were using the Internet, principally Orkut, to distribute the images of explicit sex with children.

Militants, anti-social elements and their sympathizers, too, are thriving on Orkut. Many communities on Orkut can be seen praising bin Laden, al-Qaeda or Jihad (holy war). Do not get astonished by the fan following of the under-world don Dawood Ibrahim, as there are 1502 members in the fan following list.

The banned United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), the largest insurgent outfit in the region(Assam,India), is reportedly using the networking site for targeting the tech-savvy new generation and the people living outside the state, including NRIs to draw their attention and extend its reach. Not to mention about other northeastern terrorist organisation demanding sovereignty, one would find communities or their sympathizers on the site.


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