Saturday, June 16, 2007

Indian Idol On orkut

Want to get close with the celebrities .We bring to you SOME OF THEM. Most of the profiles are of Indians. If you now any just scrap me. If you want to thank me for this just scrap me.

But please note most of them have reached their max friend size so they may not accept your friendship.

Some real non authenticated profiles oF Indian Idol contestents

Most of us like Indian Idol the copy of the American show American Idol.I have found the profile of some of the contestants including the winner

Prajakta Shukre

There is some doubt weather the below 2 profiles are real or not as they have very less friends but all the 3 profiles are's left to you to believe it or not.

Abhijeet sawant

Rahul saxena

You can be 100% sure that these profiles are real. How I got them?? That's a secret. ( try this Just use search now see for profile members if you find others then he is the one you are looking for.)


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