Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How safe is your data

Privacy International has poked Google in the eye with the stick. In an interim report on the privacy ranking of the major Internet services, they find that Google has some of the worst privacy settings . This is it's findings.

Privacy International's findings, based on six months of research, placed Google at the bottom of 23 Internet companies examined by the group. Google was the only company to earn the bottom ranking, for "comprehensive consumer surveillance and entrenched hostility to privacy. Other companies, including Microsoft and Yahoo, rated slightly better than Google.
Yahoo was given a ranking of 4/6
Microsoft --3/6
Facebook -- 4/6 .

Sites like ebay ,lastfm,wikipedia got into the best list.

So be very carefull while you put up your details on Orkut/Joga/Dodgeball.


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