Sunday, April 1, 2007

No word verification

If you are bugged with typing the Security word every time you type a link here is a solution
No you can say no to typing those WORDS verifications.

When you type the link just make the following changes

Easy way:-

  1. Change http to hTTp. i.e replace "t" ( small t ) by "T" (capital T)
  2. Change www to wWw. i.e replace the middle "w" (small w) by "W" (caital W)

eg;- hTTp://

Only problem with this one is that you will have to type Http://

Hard way:-

  1. Replace the "/" in link by & # 4 7 ; (without spaces)

  2. Replace the "." by & # 4 6 ;( without spaces)

eg;- If you wanted to type

type www . ;orkuttricks . ; ;n0-word

Note:- there shouldn't be any spaces

So my suggestion is if the link is long then go the usual way but if it's small then just follow this


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