Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Artist on orkut

There are a tons of great artist on Orkut.Thanks to D.C of insideorkut.com & artist Anushree for links of these profiles.

Lets begin the journey.
First it is the profile
Pallav Mazumdar
I dont think he is anyway connevted to Kiran mazumdar.He is a potrait artist, as in he draws mainly potrait.

Album -- The potrait dispalyed are awesome.I have become a fan of her. Some like naseeruddin shah (Indian Actor) is simply mind-blowing. She draws superb potraits.There are other ones like Guruji(Tagore,India) , zohra sehgal (veteran indian actress) , cameron diaz
that makes you feel are they really painting or black & white photos .Others are of Amithab , Bipasa(both indian actors & ress) good not very good but ok.

Just check out the actual pic of nazirudin shah.

Shone Chacko
The mainly draws sketches. He is a indian from bangalore.

Album-- Check out Some great art works/Sketches displayed in his album.Though may not be Excellent but are verry good.

Sanjay kamble
His is an Indian staying in Dubai. He mainly draws scenery that too city life to be specific.

Album-- He Has some awesome drawings(scenery) as mesntioned most if them are on city life buildings, cars ,trains etc. They are pretty good.

She is a Pakistani Artist. Sweety ( that what friends call her) has some good work at her album. She specialises in water colour paintings

Album -- Check out good art works(not as good as some of the above ones) displayed in her album.


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