Monday, March 12, 2007

WE hate him/her

Most of us hate some thing or other. Lets look at the Top 5 "WE HATE" community.This list may seem to contian most of indian communities but what to do there arent many people in others.

AT no 5 ( this is a new entrant as the no 1 community is deleted)

We Hate Marco Materazzi
-This community is against Italian footballer. This was started after the head but incident.Every french football fan did support zidane. ThIS comunity with 500 just is a proof of this . The members blame Materazzi enitely for the incident .

At 4 th

WE Hate Schumi -This community is against "schumi" the best f1 driver & the 5 times champ. Here most of the members(90% +) are "ALONSO" fans. Though many posts talk of only on f1 but some post talk about how much they hate "ALONSO"

We hate Arjun Singh -Every fellow has been opposing him since he created resevation for backward class in MANAGEMENT(IIM'S -indian insititute of managements ) & TECHNOLOGY(IIT'S) colleges. Only people to support him are the people of backward classes.Every day you read some thing or other against him in the paper so he deservse to take the first place since it's largest & became the biggest community in just 10 months starting from scratch.

AT second palce Ektha kappor

I hate Ekta Kapoor -For those who dont who dont know ekta kapoor is a very famous TV serial producer in India. Though most of talk are games against them remaining are just owners asking people to join their community. This is not the only community there are many against her(ekta) & starplus(where most of her show is shown)

At first place it's the community based on the indian singer
I Hate Himesh Reshammiya- Himesh is the new indian singing sensation who supposedly seems to be singing from his nose. There are equal no of people who love him as well who hate him.
Musicians hate him , Producers love him , listeners like him very much & critics hate him.


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