Sunday, April 1, 2007

Photographer's view

I know most of you have interest in photography or at least want to learn about it. So lets look at the Top 5 communities to know more about photography. This list has been prepared(chosen) by an amateur photographer ,Viki (wants his identity to be secret)

All these community have very less spam & bad links. Most topics in these are photographers showing off their collection. Some of them(posts) are about improving photography & up coming contest.
It was really tough to decide which one is best hence i have just given the list of top communities to check out
The below list is in descending order of no of members

Specialty photography

Black & White Photography

Digital Photography Forum

These are the community to check out if you are a Amateur Photographer

Photography Tips and Technique

Amateur Photography

Photography club
(only Indian photography clubs have sufficient members to qualify)
Photography club of INDIA(PCI)

Kerala Photography Club

Bangalore Photography Club

So finally which is the best PCI seems to be the best but all others sail in the same boat (of 2nd place). This list doest not include community for professional photographers.


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