Friday, March 23, 2007

Joga launches "The Companion "

The Companion adds new features to Firefox so you can show your team colors and stay up to date with the latest World Cup action. This feature is only available using the Firefox browser.
The Companion for Firefox has the following features:

  • It has Visual themes for all 32 countries participating.
  • It has a sidebar with football news, scores, videos and community links
  • Match updates in the status bar, including goals, time remaining, and summaries

It will add

  1. Addition of a visual theme to Firefox
  2. An Companion button to the Firefox Navigation toolbar
  3. Display of an optional sidebar
  4. Display of optional status bar game updates

You can download the Companion by clicking on the "Download Now" button on your homepage.

Joga companian will be even after the World Cup ends. You’ll still be able to use the Companion to read football news, watch videos, and stay connected to communities when using Firefox. You’ll also be able to keep using the themes provided.


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