Friday, March 23, 2007

JOGA Communities

Communities where a plus point of orkut & Joga contains them too + even better.Most of the communities are football based. You will find a football community on absolutely anything.But don't accept any community on any other star.

Unlike Orkut here communities are divided into sub categories

  • Communities
  • Official Communities
  • Official Athletes
  • Athletes
  • Soccer fields
  • Teams
Communities-- These are your Orkut communities. If you click on this you will redirected to where you will have to log in.

Official communities-- These are the communities created by Nike for their professional athletes.

Athletes/Soccer fields /Teams Communities-- These are the communities that anyone can create .These are community on Joga for their favorite player, city, or field.

These are visible on your home page.

This is a collage of how each them look

Similarly if you have joined an official community you will find 2 more like these. Actually each one of these is visible at left & right of your home page
Athletes/Teams on right
Soccer fields left & probably Official communities on left

All your Orkut communities are have the Orkut community symbol Before them & joga communities have Football symbol before them

I have created a community on Michael Schumacher
Check it out


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