Friday, March 23, 2007

Early work of Buyukkokten

After graduating from Stanford in 2001, Buyukkokten and fellow graduate Tyler Ziemann built a social-networking service called Club Nexus. They sold to Stanford for use by the university's undergraduates.. Club Nexus was a success.

Buyukkokten and Ziemann subsequently decided to form Affinity Engines(AEI) . They designed a product for the Stanford Alumni Association called inCircle on some what similar lines. As a developer of social-networking software for university students and alumni, Affinity Engines was among the first players in what has become a very crowded field. Today, social-networking services like Friendster and Orkut attract millions of users by giving them a way to easily connect to friends and friends' networks of friends.

Buyukkokten, a Turkish citizen, decided to take a job with Google to solve his visa problems. He continued to work on inCircle, however, and signed agreements in 2002 and 2003 stating that any social-networking technology he created belonged to Affinity Engines, the company said.
In Google he designed Orkut AS past of his independent work in Google which is similar to inCircle. No time during his communications with AEI prior to Jan. 22, 2004, did Buyukkokten reveal that he was developing ... ACCORDING to AEI.


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