Sunday, April 1, 2007

Biggest country on orkut

United States of America-- Though being second largest & the place of origin of this site this seems to be the biggest USA community with 11k + members only. This features no where in this top list but it needs to mentioned coz it's the's hometown & thsi is the 146th community.The less no is due to the fact that it's divided into 50 states(you know what i mean--no unity).
United Kingdom/Britain - UK/GB-- This is another useless community. But this is the biggest community in English(UK). This is full of spam. This is the 649 th community.

JAPAN -- This too is an useless community full of spam.There is zero % relavance.Only in the list coz of no. Dont join even if you are a japanese

Islamic Republic of Pakistan -- Pakistanis are the 4th in demography list.But in this list they are third.This is plagued by spam. Thos community has No relevance only spam.

India- -This is the biggest country community in English(US). This is the 370th community. This is a lot bigger than USA in terms of no. This is due to "UNITY in DIVERSITY" exists in INDIA.

Brasil-- This is the biggest community with over 10 lakh(1 m) people.This proves the fact that 60 % of the members of orkut are Brazilians.


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