Monday, April 7, 2008

Using nbtstat part II

The method described is allows you access the computer of the person whom you are chatting. I will explain it for yahoo messenger but you can apply it to any messenger that allows file sharing(p2p file sharing) or any messenger where the communication is direct and not via their server i.e direct communication.

Communication between 2 computers takes place via a software. If the software connects directly to the port of the receiver's comp, you can get the receiver's IP. This is the what p2p is all about, direct transfer of data from computer to computer. But if the communication is via a server i.e data is sent to a server then to recipient then there is no direct connection.In this case you cant hack the victim but get details of the server.

This methods is easy.Just start chatting with some one via Yahoo messenger. Now send him a big file ( size depends on the avg speed of net in your country).

Now the communication is direct. And you are ready to go.

  • Go to dos(START>>>RUN>>>Type CMD).
  • Here Type "netstat -n" .The pic given below shows netstat of my comp.I was not chatting when i took this pic and this pic is modified(local address)

    Local address is your IP & foreign is your recipients. State represents whether the connection was established or not.

  • Now send him the file and type "netstat -n 3". Now check the output.

  • Assume the output is something like this
    5101 is the port where connection is established

  • Now just type nbtstat -A IP_of_ the_attacker(
    You will get a out put some thing like this

Now you got a lot of detail this should be sufficient for you to access his comp.


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