Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun with google

Imagine if you could see what others click. That's not all imagine if i tell you can see which was the first pic they clicked to the last in correct order and also the camera manufacturer. That too if i say you can get all this info using just Google image search. I know most of you will either laugh or think it's impossible.

No this is fully true. If you have a camera then you will know that the photos are numbered in proper order from the first pic to the last. S when you upload it online it stil has the same name something like xxx001.jpg. Now when the pic gets cached by google you can search .

Just try this link for first images shot by people from their cannon camera"IMG_0001.JPG"

Here are the format of most camera manufactures
Canon cameras name their pics as "IMG_0001.JPG"
Sony cameras save pics as "DSC00001.JPG"
Nikons do as "DSCN0001.JPG"'s "PICT0001.JPG"
HP cameras it's "IM000001.jpg "
Toshiba cameras it's "PDRM0001.JPG"


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