Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get paid to review my posts

It's true guys we are going to pay to you $27.50 for writing a post about us. Task is quiet simple you need to write a positive review of this blog on your blog. We will be paying you 7.50$ for this.

Who all can earn . Just about any one who has a blog and a free paypal account. Your blog has to be 90 days old having atleast 20 posts. One more thing there has to be atleast 1 post per 30 days. To earn this money you need to write 200-300 word about this blog with a link of this blog. You can write anything about this blog but the tone should not be negative. If you dont have a free paypal by eBay the and select Casual Online Sellers.

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This is in association with Izea. To claim this all that you need to do is join Izea's PayPerPost(ppp). Then submit your blog/s on which you are willing to write a review about this blog. If you have a blog that is 90 days old and has 20 posts with atleast 1 post per month you will be approved and you are ready to go. PPP is a site where you get paid for reviews based on your page rank. Click on the image below to accept.

Once you are approved you need to blog about us and submit the link of the page where you have blogged about us to ppp. PPP will review and if every thing is fine you will be paid 7.50$ in 30 days.

In addition to this PPP will give you another 20$ for writing a review of their site.Why are we paying you?? The truth is by writing a review you generate a buzz about our sites that will fetch us some visitors . To thank you for those visitors that you have given we are(PPP) is paying you.

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