Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clone Virus code in c

This is a virus code of clone virus. This is the original post virus in c. This virus clones itself. You can convert it into java by making small changes that any java programmer can make out.

Clone virus code. If the image is not visible right click on the image and select 'show picture'

Before you use this virus you need to compile . Just select the complie option in your c compiler. DONT RUN IT OR SELECT THE RUN OPTION, I repeat dont run it. Now exit the compiler . Find the size of the .exe file generated in bytes. Replace the value of "X" with is value(in bytes).
Now recompile it and exit.

What this virus does is it makes all the files in the current directory a virus. You need to find out the header files for yourself as this only for educational purpose . Just remember to run this virus inside a new folder that contains no important exe and normal files . This virus will make them too as virus.

This is intended for c/c++ programmers who have knowledge about data structure. This is only and only for knowledge sake


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