Friday, September 14, 2007

Google store's green initiative

Google Store has gone green. They have launched what they call as the "GREEN INITIATIVE".

"The Google Store is going green. We only have one Earth and we want to do our best to take care of her, so we've worked hard to make our store more eco-friendly....... And where we used to use plastic polybagging, now we use more environmentally sound recycled wraps and stickers when shipping your order. "

Most Google products are now made of recycled material from organic cotton T-shirts to pencils made of recycled blue jeans. You'll find that most (though not all) products are made from eco freiendly products.

You will find the following icons as a part of their green initiative

Google Green sustain Made from materials grown in a way that sustains natural resources.

Google Green organic Made from materials grown without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals.

Google Green recycledMade out of high-quality recycled materials.

Google Green nonpoluting Made in a way that contributes little or no impurity to our air, water or soil.


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