Sunday, August 19, 2007

New add format--- Headline animator ad

Most Feedburner are aware of the headline animator . I gives the last five feeds titles in a animator as below. If a user clicks on the title he will be redirected to that story. It looks like this.

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Now you Feedburner has converted this into ads. It's called Headline Animator ads. Basically it's an ad unit that displays the most recent headlines from your source feed, placed in the feed ad network reaching millions of feed subscribers. Headline Animators sized 468x60 pixels or 468x120 pixels may be placed as ads in feeds. Since headline animator is fully customisable you make sure that ads look just the way you want it to look.

Your ads will run in an a channel, broad category such as Business,Consumer Electronics etc or a Network, a group of related FeedBurner publishers, organized by a fellow publisher around topics like Music, Venture Capital or Politics.

This would cost you a minimum of 25$ per week.Why is this so costly?? Be cause if a fellow succribes your feed he will be reading your sites contect every time you update it. Unless he unsuccribes it you have a loyal visitor who would visit your site each tome you update it.

So how do the ads look

feedburner ads

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It also gives you a detaild reprot just like adwords. To see this you need to go to the “Analyze” tab for your feed, and look for your ad under “Headline Animator Stats” in the left column.
Click-through rates are listed with other ad performance stats on the Analyze tab.

It also allows you automatically renew your account every week so that you don't have to manually select every week.


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