Friday, July 20, 2007

PayPerPost: Paid Blogging

Their is a site called PayPerPost(ppp) that will pay you for blogging. This is a Izea site. All that you have to do is write review.PPP is a site where you get paid for reviews based on your page rank. Click on the image below to join.

To earn just submit your blog/s(blog only no website/wiki) on which you are willing to write a review about this blog. If you have a blog that is 90 days old and has 20 posts then you can join One more thing you also need to have atleast 1 post per month. All payment si via PayPal. It's a free online account by eBay just like a bank account. All that you need is a valid email-id to create a paypal account. If you dont have a free paypal by eBay then just select the image below and choose Casual Online Sellers.

click here

Once you are approved you need to blog about stuffs and submit the link of the page where you have blogged about to ppp. PPP will review and if every thing is fine you will be paid the amount in 30 days. As mentioned you will be receive blogging offer only if the advertiser agrees.

Click here to Join PPP

You will surely earn 20$ for writing a review of PPP site. This offer is availaible for all who are accepted into ppp. Why are they paying you?? The truth is by writing a review you generate a buzz about their sites that will fetch us some visitors . To thank you for those visitors that you have given we are(PPP) is paying you.


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