Friday, July 20, 2007

iGoogle addon for firefox

View your Google Personalized Home page modules in the sidebar with an optimized layout.

This extension aims at reproducing the feature initially described in the trick, with additional features.

* Un-squeezed modules
* Optimized layout: removed header, search box and footer; removed margins; (optional) reduced font size

* select in the menu: View -> Sidebar -> IGoogle, or
* use key combination: Ctrl+Alt+I, or
* click on toolbar button

To disable the "Reduce font size" feature:
* uncheck item in the extension's Options dialog, or
* right click in IGoogle Sidebar page and uncheck item

Only the modules on the LEFT column of your Google homepage are visible in the sidebar. You will therefore have to select which ones you would like to see, and drag them to the left column. This operation must be done in the Google homepage, in a standard browser window.

Install firefox add-on

Download ADD-ON

Install Firefox


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