Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Google answer relaunched


pic from techcrunch

Google Questions and Answers is relaunched but only for Russians.It si aclled as Вопросы и ответы in Russian . Users earn points based on the quality of answers given and can gradually become an expert in a particular field.

The Google Russian team notes that they are particularly pleased to announce that Russia is the first country “where we are launching this service”, a sure sign that Google is planning on rolling out the new Google Answers to other countries, possibly worldwide in the future.

Google Answers initial model of paid experts answering questions failed dismally against free and open competitors including Answers.com and Yahoo Answers.

The new model is seemingly similar to Yahoo .Even the points system is also same.
2 points - for a anwer

1 ponit- for a vote.

But the points for asking a question is 10 & you get 5 point every time you log-in


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