Tuesday, July 24, 2007


If you think the titile has been misspelt, then think again. Google has made FeedBurner completely Free. It's paid service MyBrand and FeedBurner Stats PRO are now free.

This is not the first time Google did so .It has done several times in the past with Google Earth, Picasa, SketchUp, and Google Analytics. Not only this even , also from feedburner is now free

MyBrand lets you take the FeedBurner service to a new level by using your own domain name as the feed URL. This has several advantages for all bloggers. Instead of a URL that looks something like http://feeds.feedburner.com/orkuttrick, it’s now possible to have a URL like http://www.orkuttricks.com/Feed or http//feeds.orkuttricks.blogspot.com without giving up the valuable information that FeedBurner provides.

I am yet to switch over .so the above link is just a fake(second one).


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