Sunday, June 17, 2007

Google calculator

Did you know you can use google search to perform calculations. Yes you can use it as a
calci a bsic Scientific Calci .

Google’s calculator tries to understand the problem you are attempting to solve without requiring you to use special syntax.
Google allows you to perform all these operations.There is no need to know any special
codes. LOOK at the ways to perform some operations.


  • A symbol B

A,B are no's and

Symbol can be

  • + (add)
  • - (subtract)
  • * (multiply)
  • / (divide)
  • ^ (power) 3^ 5
  • % (modulo) 3 % 5
  • % of (percentage) 37 % of 340
  • th root of (nth root of a no). 5 th root of 625
  • Choose (permutation & combination) 36 choose 4

You can also perform

  • sqrt (square root) sqrt(9)
  • sin, cos, etc. (trigonometric functions) sin(pi/3)

the value has to be in radian tan(45 degrees)

  • ln (logarithm base e) ln(17)
  • log(logarithm base 10) log(1,000)
  • ! (factorial) 5!
Parentheses can be used in your expression.In this case the operation in ()
will be evaluated first
For example :- (111+222)*123 addition happens before the multiplication

You can use hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers. By using prefix
hexadecimal numbers with 0x,
octal numbers with 0o
binary numbers with 0b
You van perform operations of these datatypes too.
For example :- 0x7f + 0b1001.

Many physical and mathematical constants can be used in your expression. These constants and units have both long and short names. You can use either in most cases.
For example :- km and kilometer both work.

You can even convert currency from one form to another.

To use currency converter, simply enter the conversion you'd like done into the Google search box and hit "Enter" or click the Google Search button

For example:- 3.5 USD in GBP, currency of India in Brazilian money, British pounds in US money, 2.2 USD per gallon in INR per litre.


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