Sunday, March 4, 2007

Spam Cleaner

Spam Cleaner

Bad news for spammeres spamming orkut community. A new Firefox script/tool has proved to be a nightmare for them. Moderators and Community Owners can now easily delete spam. This pathbreaking tool to helps in fighting community spam messages. This script can make your job of moderating a community a lot more easier.

This script automatically searches and asks you to delete most of the spam messages. It detects all the spam which contain Brazilian porn/MLM website links. It relies on the fact that they will have non-English characters in topic title and numerical-digits in the name of the user. This script detects such characters in topic-title or user-name, and asks you to delete that topic.

  • Download firefox(if yoy dont have)
  • Install & run Grease Monkey.
  • Then Install & run Spam Deleter

Install Community Spam Cleaner

Install Forum Spam Cleaner

To use this script you need GreaseMonkey & firefox

Install Grease Monkey

Install Firefox


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