Sunday, April 1, 2007

Orkut Scrap Deleter

Orkut Scrap Deleter
Lots of people keep their scrapbook clean.They waste a lot of time deleting it. This Firefox script will help them best as it is specially designed for them. It would save a lot of time for them. Specially girls & celebrity will find his useful.

1. Download Grease Monkey
2. Install Orkut Scrap Deleter Script.
3. Script is installed & you can delete all your scraps

Now if you are in orkut then just open or refresh your scrapbook and it will start deleting scraps from oldest one first. The only way to STOP this is close the window. Now go to Grease Monkey menu & DISABLE the script.

To disable it You have to right-click on Grease Monkey icon in lower-right corner of FireFox window & uncheck it.

Orkut Scrap Deleter Script

To use this script you need GreaseMonkey & firefox
Download greasemonkey

Install Firefox


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